Red Bull Pump Track World Champs UK Qualifier

For the second year in a row the UK Qualifier for the Red Bull Pump Track World Championships was being held in the west of Scotland, this time at Wishawhill Wood. Red Bull are well known for supporting a wide range of adventure sports events and along with Velosolutions, who design & build the tracks, they run the global series. Riders had come from all over the UK for it as well as the locals, so the standard was going to be fast!

The upside of going along to shoot for yourself is there’s no pressure on must get shots, downside is you can't get access to all the areas to create a wider variety of images. I could only stay for practice (kids to look after & the Foo Fighters gig in the evening…) and from what I saw then, I can only imagine the speed & gaps went through the roof once the racing started!

Further images can be found in my Flickr album and now just need to get Velosolutions to build a pump track in my local park too…